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Jenna Schumacher is a lifelong resident of Southern California.  She completed her design studies at UCLA in the Interior Design Program and has been in the design industry for 15 years.  Jenna is a California Certified Residential Interior Design and holds professional affiliations with the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID-Allied) and the Interior Design Society (IDS). 

Over the years, she has enjoyed a vast array of opportunities within the interior design industry.  The culmination of her work encompasses both domestic and international locales and is comprised of a combination of residential design, commercial design, and boutique hospitality.  

Strongly influenced by her travels and studies of classic architectural principles, Jenna embraces a design aesthetic driven by symmetry, balance, and the occasional disregard for the previously mentioned.  She is passionate about creating a unique, personal and beautiful design sensibility for each client, but within the context of how they and the house will really live.  She has spent her career developing an understanding of space, flow, use, and opportunity to translate them into beauty.

At all times love and discipline have led to a beautiful environment and a good life.
— Charles Eames

Impractical and impersonal spaces will never cease to exist. Thoughtful design is a choice.
— Jenna Schumacher